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Weight loss package

Restore good health and confidence... Lose weight holistically at Thaaliyola

The Package include treatments like vamana / veechana/ vasti . The treatments are individualized and are based on the understanding of the unique body constitution or basic nature of body
A special dry therapeutic deep tissue massage using herbal powders is done, called as ‘Udwarthanam’ followed by steam.
For weight loss, a healthy and balanced diet is a must as it helps maintain your metabolic rate, Diet will be strictly advised by the doctor.
Our culinary specialists prepare individualized meals plans under supervision of therapists to ensure that the meal plan fits well with the recommended treatments. Specifically, avoiding curd, milk, banana, black grain etc.

Destress package

The Package include treatment procedures like full body massage, sirodhara , foot reflexology, padabhyanga, thalapothichil etc. that greatly helps in reducing stress and preparing the body to compact stress. Contrary to general perception of stress relief treatment ; must reduce spice and hot foods like pickle, pineapple and papaya.

Back (spine) retreat package

This Spine Care Program is based on fine blend of treatments like kali basti, pizhichil, elakizhi etc. During this treatment patient must avoid having cold items like curd, banana etc. Instead food with aggravating qualities and with water contents are prescribed to have.

Honeymoon package

Offers Special all inclusive Honeymoon Holiday Packages, Wellness Detoxification packages, Relaxation for Stress, Strain and provide with herbal medicines & Ayurveda Treatments.

Hair nourishments package

Hair needs attention, so thePackages are available which include head massage, sirodhara, shirobasti, kasha dhoopa etc. Understanding the treatment the behest is given to strictly reduced salt, sour and spicy food.

Full body rejuvenating package

Package that strives to improve physical, mental and more qualities. It includes full body massages – vamana, veechana, or vasti as directed by the doctor according to the body constitution njavarakizhi, elakizhichil, naranga kizhichil Special diet will be provided.

Skin retreat package

Skin care treatments that are effective for all the skin, Package include full body massage, pizhichil, njavarakizhi, steam etc. Selected Special diets are advised.

Weight gain package

Aimed at strengthening the body and gaining the weight. Treatments like njavarakizhi, brimhana basti etc. are administered for maximum effect. Advised to have moderate diets such as milk, curd, black grain etc.