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Yoga : Tourism and Culture

Tourism transform itself to multi phases like religious tourism, Medical tourism, Eco tourism, Wellness Tourism, business tourism, sports tourism etc. More than visiting a new place tourist are interested to enjoy the cultural symphony of that place, learn about locations, taste regional cuisines and involve in activities or art forms.

Yoga is a  world widely accepted meditation technique for physical and mental wellness. Modern tourism attracts visitors by providing yoga training amenities  and classes along with accomodation and travel to make them relaxed. Let’s check out what are the benefits of Yoga Tourism.

Yoga Tourism Benefits

Yoga Tourism falls under the category of  wellness tourism,that focus on meditation and de toxications. Statistics data reports, travellers taking 586 millions wellness trips an year, compassing 15 percentage of global travel.

  • Nurture Physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Yoga Tourism have three things in common physical activity, nutrition and free time.
  • Keeps you fit and strengthen international relationship.
  • Unique living laboratory where all aspects of lifestyle can be controlled or studied.

Meditation is another important part along with yoga in wellness tourism, the major advantages of meditation are the following

  • Help Fight Addictions
  • Improves Sleep
  • Generate Kindness
  • Promote Emotional Health
  • Controls Anxiety
  • Reduce Stress

Ayurveda resorts in Kochi, takes the lead role of wellness tourism projects in Kerala. More and more foreign visitors come and return with rejuvenating experience after enjoying the hospitalities of ayurvedic and yoga resorts in Kochi. Tour with a purpose, for the wellness of your mind and body.

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