Not only a boutique resort in the heart

Wheelchair Accessible Resorts in Kochi

Beauty of this Earth is not designated to perfect travellers, disabled tourists also have the right to enjoy the comforts of this world. Understanding the needs of those travelers ,as part of accessible tourism ,now many best resorts in Kochi came forward for wheelchair accessible rentals and Resorts in Kochi.

On a casual talk about attitude of people in Kerala  ,one celebrity College lecture quoted that “ If Nick Vujicic was  born in Kerala, he may live his entire life bedridden without achieving anything he showed possible without limbs”. The attitude of Kerala people are either de motivating or sympathetic towards a disability of life.

But accessible tourism could open up the eyes of people, make possible for everyone(disabled or not) to travel and enjoy their life. Only you have to keep is a positive mind saying “ I Never Give up”

Accessible Tourism Possibilities

  1. More Travelers and More Tourism in Kochi
  2. Providing an accessible carriage ,including wheelchair lift
  3. Make Traveling more Accessible for all in Tourist destinations in Kochi
  4. Keep disabled more happy and inspire them to succeed
  5. UN and International agencies support accessible tourism culture.

If Arunima Sinha an Indian,first Women amputee can scale Mount Everest and Mount Winson, accessible tourism is a simple task. Along with Ayurveda resorts in Kochi ,some of the luxury resorts in Kerala also started special booking for disabled tourist who come to explore the beauty of Kerala.

Wheelchair to World Tour

UN general secretary Ban ki Moon ,says in his message on world tourism day “Everyone has the right to access leisure and tourism services on an equal basis” . The public infrastructure  and tourism industry are on a revolution to make possible world tour even on wheelchairs.

As Counselors say there are no disabled people in this world ,only differently abled. Let’s open up the door for disabled tourists and they must say as Helen Keller once said ”The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”  Welcome to the Queen of Arabian sea, best resorts in Kochi are waiting for you with an open heart.

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