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Top Must Try Dishes of Resorts in Kochi

Have you ever tasted a Kochi special Kallumakkaya? If your answer is no, then it’s time to travel through the culinary skills of chefs in Kerala resorts.

Eating delicious food keeps a satisfactory smile to face more than luxurious accommodation. So let’s checkout what are the top must try dishes of Kochi resorts.

Top 15 popular Kochi dishes

  1. Kallumakkaya : Most of the resorts in cochin backwaters focus on seafood and tasty backwater aromatic fish recipes. Kallumakkaya is Malabar name of seawater Mussels. It is one of the tasty non vegetarian malabar food in varieties like fry,curry and biryani.
  2. Karimeen Pollichathu : Pearl Spot fish or Karimeen is the official fish of Kerala,and is the main attraction of Kerala food menu  as karimeen pollichathu (fried) in banana leaf.
  3. Kappa : Tapioca and fish curry is now  a world famous taste, where Keralites present before new visitors. Kappa is soft and delicious ,luxury resorts in Kerala garnish that  homely dish as a unique  food to foreign tourists.
  4. Avial: We can call avial as the richest dish in kerala meal includes all vegetables and curry leaves ;that is a storehouse of pure vegetarian tastes.
  5. Pazham Pori : Half sliced ripen bananas coated with wheat flour fried in coconut oil to make this famous evening snack. Most resorts near kochi choose pazham pori as a welcome snack.

Best food Excellent Service

                  In Kochi,Kerala most of the people follow the tradition of “ Atithi Devo bhava” ,treating guests like God.So resorts in Kochi provide excellent service and quality tasty foods to its visitors.

Along with tasting these must try Kochi dishes , you can relax your holidays on the green meadows and backwater houseboats or even entertain with yoga in resorts.

If you started planning your vacation ,then never miss  the taste of Kochi food.As it is said “There is no love sincere than love of food”.

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