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Top Benefits of Ayurvedic Massaging

Couple of generation back, most of the Kerala people used to have an ayurvedic oil massage daily, twice in a week or whenever they wish to refresh their body and mind. But that was part of their routine self massages; along with that group of people practised martial arts like kalary and wrestling also enjoyed the benefits of ayurvedic massaging for healthy, flexible, strong muscular body.

Here we are going to discuss the top benefits of ayurvedic massaging, the only difference is that the homely treatment available generations back has to purchased now and experience at any ayurvedic resorts or health clubs for bigger price. More than our Keralites, foreigners and non keralites are demanding ayurvedic massaging as they found it relaxing and refreshing experience.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Massaging

1.Delays Aging Process: According to ancient ayurvedic texts, regular oil massaging and bathing delays aging process. Not the numbers but the weaknesses of old age could be delayed through good ayurvedic massaging.

2.Provide Sound Sleep: A good deep sleep is a rare fortune for many people because of their stress and life problems. But ayurvedic oil massage can provide you sound sleep eliminating mental stress and factors blocking good sleep.

3.Increase Blood Circulation: When you are properly oil massaged the blood circulation will increase and that makes you more active than usual.

4.Eliminate Body Impurities and reduce Weight: In Ayurveda, excess body weight is considered as body imbalance. The medicated oils in Abhyanga massage acts as fat burner, getting rid of all the impurities and toxins from your body.

5.Softens and smoothes skin: Ayurvedic full-body massage strengthens the fragile skin and increases skin’s natural vibrant beauty helping skin to adopt the ageing process more gracefully and reduce wrinkles.

How to choose Good massaging Centers?

Choose a neat and clean massaging parlour.

Select a spa with more massaging option.

Always consult with a therapist.

Ensure massaging parlours are handled by expert therapist and genuine practitioners.

Traditional ayurveda resorts in cochin, Kerala are acclaimed for providing ayurvedic massaging in it’s expert and vedic way. People have to be aware of ayurvedic massaging techniques and customer reviews of good ayurvedic parlours before trapped in any shop advertisements. When you spend money for your health spend it wisely.

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