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Most Amazing Unknown Places in Kochi

How to plan a different  vacation trip ? Visit some most amazing unknown places.

Many of us never re- search of  exciting traveling spots, we just follow others either our friends or families. If you are a true traveling enthusiastic, here you have some amazing  places in Kochi that you never heard before.  

More than vacation travelers, special foreign guests of ayurvedic resorts in Kochi search for special places in Kochi and make visit to those most eco tourism places in Kochi.


A tourist eco spot near Malayattoor in Kochi, it takes around 15 to 20 minutes walk through the thick forest  to reach Illithode. Beautiful river Illithode is surrounded by mountains and great periyar river. Illithode is also the most loved location of film makers.

2.Paniyeli poru

If you love to swim, Paniyeli poru at Paniyeli village on the outskirts of Kochi is an excellent place of rocky rivers and rainforests. Some of the resorts in Kochi near paniyeli village  usually arrange trips to the picturesque of paniyeli poru .

3.Pooyamkutty river

Ample opportunity for trekking, Pooyamkutty a small town in Kothamangalam ,Kochi. The famous mohanlal stared movie ‘Pulimurugan’ is shot in Pooyamkutty river and its surroundings. Best eco friendly spot for picnic.


The green lung of Kochi, Mangalavanam is home to around hundred birds in different species located at the heart of Kochi behind Kerala High Court.

Each travel is an experience of natural beauty, then why you spend vacation on  same tourist spots from school age to retirement holidays.Try something creative , stay at resorts in Cochin backwaters  or walk with natural  mysteries like rivers, forests  or ayurveda resorts in Kochi. Have a great vacation in Kochi..

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