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Find Your Way Out Of The Heat And ‘Sun’

Everyone needs to escape the summer’s heat. Kerala which is situated between the Arabian Sea to the west and the Western Ghats to the east have a rough division into three climatically different regions. These include the eastern highlands that consist of the rugged and cool mountain terrain, the central midlands of rolling hills and the western lowlands made up of coastal plains. Except the high altitude region, everywhere else in Kerala is having an increase in the temperature.

The number of districts recording highest temperatures have increased as Thrissur, Kottayam and Alappuzha joining the ‘hot’ group which used to list only Kollam and Palakkad till now. Kottayam recorded 37 degrees celsius an increase of 2.5 degrees above the average last year. Alappuzha was 36, up by 2.7 degrees above the average and Alappuzha was a degree above the same. Simply guess how hot the summer of 2019 getting as the heat is unbearable in the beginning of february.

North India has varying seasons within a year and summer in Kerala is a different and tiring experience especially to the ones who work outdoors like traffic policemen, security guards, construction workers etc. Some of them even claim that the people here in Kerala provide drinking water intermittently which is a huge relief for such workers.

Some other slight reliefs as seen commonly is people cover heads and faces using towels or use umbrellas and wear hats to save them from heat strokes. Sunscreen lotion and long sleeved shirts also come handy. The common people can’t resist like others who go out in air conditioned vehicles and sit at such offices. Big trees are saviours for people who have no option other than going outside which involves all the common people.

For others there are a number of choices to go to good hideouts like many Resorts in Kochi. The tourists can also choose a haven where a rejuvenating experience can be gained from different spas or ayurvedic resorts in Kochi especially for people who visit Ernakulam for some or the other reason, or just simply find your place to chill and get energized.   

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