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Enjoy Elephant Ride Through Jungle

Black monster of jungle became  the pet animal of human being is one of the greatest achievement we can feel proud off. Earlier elephant was used for doing heavy works or transporting bulk quantities of products for various purposes and mainly in wars for carrying kings. When machines and technology replaced the elephant with fast heavy working mechanical devices,elephants turned out to be tourist attractions.Elephant ride is one of the demanding foreign tourism element as it can provide both adventure and sightseeing from  greater altitude at the top of largest animal.

Jungle is the home of every wild animal,but humans transformed such forest animals to village animals for making human life more productive and comfortable.When you would like to enjoy an elephant ride the best place is Kodanad in Kochi,which is one of Kerala’s Elephant training centre.You will experience a different mood with wild animal trip through jungle.

Elephant Training  and Mahouts

Elephants are considered as auspicious animals in Kerala. No major festival or celebration in Kerala is complete without a massive elephant processions. Considered an important part of our culture, elephants are loved, revered and groomed with the utmost care and respect by special caretakers called Mahouts.

The Kodanad Elephant Training Centre, which was moved to Abhayaranyam near Kaprikkad, is one of the largest elephant training centres in Kerala. It is flanked by the high ranges and is set near the southern banks of the Periyar River. Since the ban on capturing elephants was enforced, this place now serves as one of the premier elephant training centres in Kerala. Muthanga of Wayanad and Konni of Pathanamthitta are two other elephant training centres.

One may also visit Punnathur Kotta in Thrissur where over 40 elephants specially groomed for the Guruvayur Temple are kept. It is surely every elephant lover’s paradise to view these magnificent beings up close..

Kodanad Elephant Sanctuary

Elephant Sanctuary is  a popular picnic spot and tourist destination in kerala . Kodanad is the only elephant rescue and training center in Kerala specialized for rescuing and training stranded adult and baby elephants from the forest regions across Kerala. Kodanad Elephant Training Camp,  is situated on the south bank of Periyar River, about 42 kilometers east of Kochi city.

There are many walkways alongside the river and they offer a unique experience to the visitors. The Elephant rescue and care centre for central and southern forest region of Kerala is located here. Kodanad is known for its ‘Elephant Kraal’, elephant rescue centre, mini zoo and its access via river boats to the seasonal pilgrimage center of Malayattoor. Malayatoor church and Kodanad are located on the opposite banks of the Periyar river with unspoiled and rustic views of surroundings. Kodanad rural locality with elephants attracts visitors, film crews,and foreign tourists all around the year.The visiting time at  Kodanad Training centre is from morning 08.00AM to evening 05.00PM,tourist must be disappointed on sunday and monday because on sunday visiting time is limited between 8AM and 12PM ,on mondays  it’s a holiday.

Elephant Safari in Kodanad Elephant Sanctuary

Kodanad offers elephant safari to the visitors at the main park. At the park, the old ‘Kraal’ is maintained to house elephants, which is a structure made of wood compartments that can accommodate up to 4 elephants.The other activities at Kodanad Include ,viewing Elephant bath,Elephant Feeding,Caring Baby Elephants also there is Kaprikkad Eco Tourism project in which ,a village lying 3 km adjacent to Kodanad on the river bank has been set up in 2006 for entertaining visitors in the most natural and environmental friendly way.

Nearby tourist destinations and restaurants help the nature loving tourists to enjoy the holidays with maximum entertainments and resources.The best season to visit Kodanad is between September and May.The famous tourist points near Kodanad are Thattekad bird sanctuary,Bhoothathankettu Dam,Malayattoor Hill Pilgrimage Church and Munnar. The resorts in Kochi are the safe distance accomodation facilities for tourists who would like to enjoy Kodanad and nearby spots.Also there are many Ayurvedic hospital and welness resorts near Kodanad that can guide tourist  to all these sightseeing spots in proper schedule and transportation facilities as per the requirement of tourists at economic rates.

Never miss a chance to ride an Elephant ,as like a King you can explore the beauty of Kerala forest and biodiversity with a Mahout assisting your jungle travel.

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