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Brand Dharma: New vow Of Business and Tourism in Kochi

Brand Dharma: New vow Of Business and Tourism in Kochi

Kochi witnessed a three-day  Business CEO and Celebrity meetup when International Advertising Agency (IAA) conducted its 44th world congress in Kochi at one of the luxury resort stays in Kochi  ‘The Grand Hyatt Lulu International Convention center, Bolgatty’.

Brand Dharma was the theme of the world congress arranged for over 3 days and Nights. Around 40 speakers, 25 countries and 2000 delegates attended the function including celebrity faces like Amitabh Bachan, Shri Shri Ravi Shankar, and Mukesh Ambani inaugurated the event.

How to Brand Dharma in Business and Tourism?

  • Avoid haggling always quote a fair price in case of ayurvedic resort treatment for foreigners or selling traditional goods and items.
  • Never cheat customers and visitors with low-quality products and service. Best resorts in Kerala and established business brands maintains its credibility with premium quality of service and most hygienic products.

New Vow of Brand Dharma

Amitabh Bachan quoted that “ Integrity of a brand is important, and every brand should convey meaning, an image, to the customers. For instance, India is not anymore the country of snake charmers or Kamasutra. Now, India’s brand brings to mind engineers, doctors, space technology, etc, “

Bachchan emphasized that customer’s hard-earned money is dharma and the brand should provide their products accordingly, that is the brand dharma.

Kerala Always stand For Dharma

Kerala culture is deeply rooted in dharma, honesty, and love, so the industries in business and tourism need to be the brand ambassadors of these principles.

Even the hospitality industries like ayurvedic resorts in Kerala, budget resorts in Kerala highlight, how to treat and welcome the world guests in most pleasing manners ?.

Let’s build a culture of dharma branding more than excess profit making.

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