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Thaaliyola Ayurveda Hospital & Wellness Resort

The ancient palm leaf manuscripts - Thaaliyola - served as the paper of ancient Asia since fifth century of BC. Ayurvedic texts like Charaka Samhita, Susruta Samhita, Astanga Sangraha etc were written in Thaaliyola. These old age manuscripts became extinct over time. We, in our continuous efforts to keep the Ayurveda science alive, have kept some precious manuscripts preserved as ours.
Just a mere 30 minutes of scenic drive from the Kochi International Airport through cool green rubber plantations and rustic village roads will take you to the amazingly picturesque Whispering Waters’. The resort features 20 elegantly furnished room complimented by a host features. The view of the foreground from any part of the resort is soothing and fascinating. with Periyar river in the front and the picturesque Western ghats beyond.

Committed to eco tourism

We make sure that every possible step is undertaken to conserve the nature and practice sustainable measures in our daily routines. As part of our practical initiatives we promote recycling, energy efficiency, water conservation, responsible effluent disposal and creation of economic opportunities for local communities. Utmost, we ensure that only eco-friendly measures are used.